The sporting and leisure industry continues to grow for TS&E.  We continually work with customers to support their improvement projects, whether they be for fishing, hunting, boating or snowmobiling.  The manufacturers and suppliers of these various tools and equipment want their products to perform better than their competition.  In many cases, we have found that designing and selecting the best specialty lubricant improves the equipment performances.  Not only do we design these products to ensure the best performance, we also ensure the materials are closely evaluated for their environmental impact.

Below are just a few of the commercially available products we offer.  Please contact us if you need support in selecting the best product for your engineering challenge.

Hunting Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 205
  • Tribosyn 318
  • Tribosyn 841 Series
  • Tribosyn 850

Fishing Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 209

Trailer, Hitch and Pin  Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 207

Marine Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 207
  • Tribosyn 208

Cycling Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 336
  • Tribosyn 341

Other Sporting Lubricants

  • Tribosyn 352
  • Tribosyn 341