The competitive landscape demands that we continue learning and advancing our understanding of lubrication, engineering, chemistry and tribology.  We continue learning in other disciplines such as leadership, customer markets, the sciences and new topics.  We also learn about topics that are of interest to us.  Therefore, we created the Learning Center to share our experiences.  We hope you enjoy our recommendations.  Please use the contact form to send us your recommendations and we will add them to the Learning Center.

What’s New

There is always new information that must be shared with our industry and other professionals to advance the field of lubrication as well as other field such as leadership and sustainability to name a few.  Please click here to learn more about what’s new.

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The Sciences

We continually share information about chemistry, engineering, tribology and other related sciences with our customers. We created this section so we could share this information more openly with all of our customers and non customers.

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Of Interest

We often review topics outside of the sciences related to our field.  We review topics such as leadership, strategy, finance and other business related topics that we like to share.  We also review topics in other fields that are of personal interest and we want to share those with you as well.

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This section contains links to videos, papers, articles and other sources that TSE employees have developed to transfer knowledge.


Check here frequently for updates.

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