TS&E’s leadership team has decades of global experience with some of the major specialty lubricant companies.  Our experience covers all market segments and regions in the world.   As a result, we are able to support customers with technological solutions across all industries.

Paul Bessette


Paul A. Bessette is the president of Triboscience & Engineering, Inc. and has been involved with synthetic lubricants for 40 years. TS&E was established in 2000 and initially provided consulting services.  Since 2005, TS&E has gravitated towards manufacturing lubricants for both domestic and foreign customers with an emphasis on perfluorinated polyethers.   Bessette spent twenty-four years at Nye Lubricants and three years at Ciba-Geigy.  Vice Chairman of NLGI Grease Education Course for ten years. NLGI Fellows Award, Meritorious Service Award, Achievement Award, and Clarence E. Earle Memorial Award and Author’s Award.   Associate editor for Tribology, Transaction, Journal of Synthetic Lubricants and peer review for NLGI.   Member of STLE, NLGI, and ASTM.  BS Chemistry from Lowell Technological Institute, Graduate work polymer chemistry Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, MBA University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.  Clients have included Engineered Custom Lubricants, DuPont, Castrol, Lubrication Technologies, Kyodo Yushi, Honeywell, HP, NASA and others.  Research interests include:  improving methods of grease filtration, vapor pressure of synthetic lubricants, thermooxidative stability, low temperature rheology of oils and greases, and advanced rolling element bearings greases.