Laboratory Equipment


Microscopes – Compound & Stereo

FT-IR and ATR attachment

Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Thermogravimetric Analysis

Spiral Orbit Tribometer

Molecular Still

Analytical Balances

Force Gauge

VOM volume resistivity of conductive greases

Foaming Tendency Apparatus

ASTM Evaporation Apparatus

Density Determinations for Oil and Grease


Oil Separation Temperature and Pressure

Aging Ovens

Soxhelt Apparatus

TA Rheometer

Low & High Temperature Rheology (i.e.., Brookfield Environmental Chamber)

Water Washout


Clean Bench

pH Meter & Wet Chemistry Set Up

Mechanical Workers

Syringe & Large Cartridge Centrifuges

Ultrafiltration Equipment

Four Ball Wear and Four Ball EP

Dropping Point Apparatus

Elemental Analysis by ICP