Triboscience & Engineering, Inc. is committed to provide value to our customers by reducing unnecessary waste.  To this end we have established practices that reduce the amount of product we dispose of by cleaning and recovering product from processing equipment instead of flushing and disposal.  This reduces contamination as well as waste.

TSE also has instituted changes to reduce our energy consumption.  Heating is kept to a minimum during colder months.  Our facility lighting was changed to LEDs resulting in a significant reduction in our electricity consumption.  Our greenhouse gas emissions are a direct result of our energy consumption.  Due to our size, increases in business result in increases in our energy consumption.  Our energy consumption is also tied to the weather as most of our GHG emissions come from heating our office, lab, and production facility.  Though our GHG emissions can increase, that does not mean that we are doing things in a wasteful or inefficient way or that the net GHG emissions are not positively effected through our actions.  Our efficiency with regard to GHG emissions is also tied to the GHG emissions of the energy grid.  Improvements in GHG emissions from our energy providers reduces our GHG emissions.

Year Total GHG Emissions (kg) Local (kg) From Grid (kg) Change
2020 32,000 22,400 9,600
2021 34,300 24,400 9,900 2,300